Aesthetic Car Photography Editing

Discover the latest Aesthetic Car Photography Editing in Luminar Neo 2022. This is my first time using this software to edit a car photo and I can see how it can make your photos look like you spent hours editing them. It’s a really cool experience.


Download practice photo:

Editing workflow in Luminar Neo

One thing I like about Luminar Neo, is that it makes it easy to accomplish certain tasks that usually will take several steps in other photo editing software.  The workflow I used to edit this portrait is the following:

  • Develop: Selected camera profile(only for RAW images)
  • Enhance: AI treat shadows and highlights.
  • Erase AI: Erase hair strays and some skin blemishes
  • Sky: Replace sky to match edit style.
  • Develop :  Apply curves adjustment to brighten up the photo.
  • Sun Rays: Incorporate sunrays to the sun focal point.
  • Mood: Apply Anaheim LUT.
  • Develop: Smart Contrast and brighten the car front grille.
  • Toning: Treat shadows tone toward magenta HUE.
  • Dramatic: apply dramatic AI adjustments to create depth.

Object removal video

Below you could see the before and after:

Aesthetic Carp Photo Shoot edit
RAW Image before retouching
Aesthetic Carp Photo Shoot edit
Portrait edited in Luminar Neo

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Until the next straight to the point tutorial!



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Change Background

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