Here I share some resources for people that love photography. Note that some of these links are affiliate links that will redirect to the creator website. There is no additional cost to you and I will get a commission if you decide to buy the product. I only recommend products, services or software that I think will be a benefit for my visitors!

Photo Editing Software

Photography Books

Websites for learning photography

  • Karl Taylor Education – Karl is a seasoned photographer form the UK that is both an excellent photographer and teacher. He offers great flash photography subscription based training.
  • Serge Ramelli – Serge is an amazing outdoor photographer and retouching expert from France. He offers tons of free tutorials and top of the notch paid subscription based training.
  • Creative Live – This website offers lotsof professional photographers training recorded live. In other words you will see them working, struggling and solving problems during photoshoots. psst… you can check free classes here: On Air today


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Free Photography Resources: