Simple HACK to make a photo POP!

Hey Photonauts… In this video, I’m going to show you how to use Luminar Neo´s AI to make your images look even better. It’s a simple process that will take your images from looking ok or good, to popping with color and intensity in minutes.

If you want to use the same phot to practice go to:

How you make it pop

One of the things that are capture the attention of a viewers of a photograph is contrast. Contrast is something that will help you “set boundaries” of intensity in a photograph.

In the case of htis photograph I decided to change the backgorund to black and white to make the woman and dress stand out more. It was really simple because I used Luminar Neo masking AI process to isolate the backgorund.

With the background masked you can do whatever you want with out affecting the subject that is not included in the mask. You don´t need any special skills, just learn how to move around the program interface and the software will do the rest.

Let me know im the comments what do you think about photo editing softwares that use AI to process the image, or if you want me to do a tutorial in something you woold like.

Until the next Straight to the Point Tutorials!



Check it out!

One click edits

Edit your photographs in no time with excellent resuts. Presets, AI adjustments to transform your photos from great to WOW!

Change Background

Use the powerful background removal AI system to erase the background and replace it wtih one of your liking.

BW Background Before
Bw effect after

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