How to Watermark Your Photos and Protect Them from Thieves

Protect your work, protect your creations! Learn how to use watermarks in Luminar Neo and create them for free online using Canva..

Are watermarks really needed?

Watermarks in a way is a form of “protection” for your work. I would say that more than a protection barrier, it is a mark or signature of authoring. In other words, it will tell the viewer who is the creator of the photo, and if anything will be done with that photograph will need permission from the author.

There are several ways or forms of watermarks. Some would like to use a signature text, others a logo or icon, and the more creative ones will use a combination of all of them. Despite of the format or type I will recommend using watermarks that are discrete and elegant.

In this video I show you how to create a signature type of watermark for free without complications using Canva.

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