Luminar Neo Review | Artificial Intelligence photo editor

Hello there Photonauts…

Learn how this AI based software is gaining ground among photo enthusiasts and pro people because of the smart artificial intelligence system shaving down considerably the time to post process a photograph.

My first impressions where that it was a laggy piece of software. The reason? Well, I started editing photographs the same way I did with PS o LrC, but when I realized that AI could provide a good starting point and from there I could “fine-tune” the adjustments, the story changed.

In this video (1:39 hour long) I share my review, pros and cons and if it is worth to invest in this software. I also tested with 8 different images.

Check it out!

Ahh and btw, if you would like to buy the software check this link , it is an affiliate link, so I will get a commission. Thanks in advance!

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