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Learn how to use Luminar Neo’s photo editing features to create a vintage look for your photos. Create a dreamy, black and white filter that makes your images look like they were taken with an old film camera.

If you want to use the photo for practicing click here: vintage photo editing

Vintage Photo Editing (Explained)

If you are looking to create a vintage style photo should start by planning the clothing and scene. Even though you could add this effect to any photo, a vintage look is recommended to show, and old style look in both areas, content, and processing.

In this edit I will use an easy workflow thanks to Luminar Neo´s smart AI. To accomplish the result, I will basically convert the photo to black and white, adjust contrast, shadows, add noise and that´s it!!

The fun part is that the software will do all the heavy lifting in converting the image to black and white with just one click.

How to create a vintage photo edit in Luminar Neo

The workflow of a vintage photo editing process is very simple.  You will need to focus only in four things:

  • Contrast:  Old photos tend to be low in contrast, so we will be reducing contrast to a point that it looks faded enough.
  • Shadows: Apart from lowering contrast, I will lighten the sahdows, in other words I don´t want the shadows to be too dark.
  • Film grain: film noise or grain was always present on pictures shot in the old times. I will add a some of this grain noise to the photo.
  • Vignette:  In this tutorial I used white vignette to simulate photo fading borders, but if you like a dark fade vignette, it will also work.
Before editing
After Luminar Neo photo edit

Let me know in the comments below if are going to use this effect in your photos.  Remember that to have a great photo the clothing and scene setting of the subject should match that of an old style.

Until the next straight to the point tutorial!



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