Jewelry Photography Made Easy with Focus Stacking Software

Learn how to shoot jewelry like a pro with focus stacking software. Focus stacking is a technique that digitally composites multiple photographs of a subject/object taken at different focus distances to create one image in which the entire object is in perfect focus.

In this video, I’m going to show you how to use the Focus Stacking Tool in Luminar Neo and then share some of my tips to get the best results.


Download practice photo:

Focus Stacking Tips

it requeires a lot of practice to get used to focus stack photos. Here are some tips that will help get consisten results:

  • Fix the object to the desired position: Once you have decided in what position you want the object to be, it is important to fix it and avoid moving it.
  • Analyze object features: Is the object round, flat, what is its height? All of these points should be taken into account in deciding how many photos at different focus distances you will need.
  • Fix the camera on a tripod: The camera needs to be fixed on a tripod and avoid changing focal lenght(zoom) throughout the entire photo shoot.
  • Create your lighting setup: Set your lights in order to suit your needs. it may require more than one light to achieve the desired result. Remember that reflectors and bounce cards can help if you don´t have enough light sources.
  • Use the camera in manual mode :  You want the exposure to be consistent so, don´t use automatic or semi-automatic camera modes.
  • Manual Focus: A good practice is to manually select the focus distance, in other words, you will decide the focus “bracketing” areas of the object you are shooting. If you own a camera with a ton of focal points, you could get around using auto focus if the camera lets you control them individually.

Below you could see the final Composite out of nine photos:

Jewelry Photography: How to Shoot, Edit, & Share

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